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For the top stories about local businesses get into Jacksonville Florida events and find several new blogs that are being featured in the alternative advertising section. For the most trending new business ideas stay tuned for some the most trending topics happening in your area.
Jacksonville Florida events publications
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An online trend for many of the free newspapers in Jacksonville to also have an online version with a blog.  For the most trending ideas be sure to check out the following publications and see how local businesses interconnected with local events.  Here some of the best new blogs in the Jacksonville area for Florida events. Get the top stories! 

  • Established in Jacksonville the popular +Folio Weekly  has a mixture of politics and alternative articles. 
  •  Inside the Jacksonville, Florida events get all of the Jacksonville Buzz  about area events are featured here.  In the"void magazine online", has cool local news.
  • Jacksonville's first  has many links for civil events. 

These are the new additions recently added to the local Internet.  And the newest women football team event check out the ,"Jacksonville breeze" blog which is not completely finished this is a new Jacksonville events.