cyber related articles

We all probably wonder what would happen to our money and pending credit card if the lights go out in identity theft special on cyber threats.  As 2012 nears the final December 21, 2012 date we see more and more news reports about possible cyber threats.

Just today we heard of news reports about a possible cyber threat from Saudi backed by oil companies that could access computer networks with virus causing a complete shut down by over writing existing files. 

The best tip is to stay away from all the emails that tell someone they are won a credit card or some lotto from another country.  Wheat happens is that by clicking on the link your computer network goes into another cyber related network.  These links take you into another network.

If the lights go what would happened to all those credit card transactions?

How would we be able to get our money if all the banking is electronically done?

In previous articles we talked about duplication in the top ten ways identity is stolen.  As 2012 nears it would seam a good idea to get identity theft protection in case the electricity goes out or in the event of a mass computer virus.

While we might know to stay away from bad emails and other scams most people in our society are not conscious of this.  As usual; someone else mistake could cause your money to at risk of identity theft in event of a cyber threat.