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Most shopping sites fail to give consumer reports with information that has history or other facts about products. When shopping for outdoor hiking products most consumers read reports about the dimensions of the product with great detail about safety rather than getting a more pleasurable shopping experience by learning about the education of a product.

Natural outdoor water filters as it relates to Ancient Roman history.

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For outdoor hiking enthusiast a trail is much like a highway. History tells a story about Ancient Roman highways that have survived centuries.  Likewise the ancient Roman invention of water aqueducts is by far an invention that most educational schools should consider to teach in more depth.  Imagine being able to run an entire city with steam turbine engines.Paddle wheels that can bring water to an entire farm without wasting energy.  While these great feats still stand today most of the education being taught ties this concept into history rather than engineering.  Great civilizations including Egypt as well as ancient Rome had used clean sand to naturally filter water.  In larger cities of Greece education tells us that clean water was in abundance.  Some other natural water filters include simple things like ash from wood fires or sand.                  

Education about how bottled water originated.

Education surrounding bottled drinking water originates with history about the black plague.  Villages became rotten with trash problems.  The introduction of bottled water is from Italy where bottled drinking water became a commodity.  In modern day US consumers have thought of bottled drinking water as a commodity.  To this present day a major growing concern for US consumers has become water sources as well as the increasing trash problem.

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