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I never seemed to think that teddies or teddy bears were very interesting until an episode on storage auctions referred to the value of collectible teddy bears.  Doing product reviews for hobbies and collectibles we point out some interesting stuff about teddy bears.
photo image of teddy bears in basket with a nice backdrop of family home in the South

As the perfect gift for Valentines Day the teddy bear can really bring some comfort to a household.  Some of the more collectible teddy bears are usually based around a theme for states like Georgia or Florida.  This includes wedding collections as well as Christmas themes that have families of teddies.  This is what makes people want to buy more than just one.

What makes a teddy bear a collectible?

Two of the main things that pop out include how to clean the fabric and of course the actual fabric design itself.  In hobby stores our product review shows that anyone will tell you that the major difference is the fabric quality that really adds value to the teddy bear. However, what they do not tell you is how to clean the fabric because it is the how clean looking the teddy bear appearance is after years of storage.  The fur does not get old brown or mildew looking compared to a more collectible brand.
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